Twin Valley Rally

The Twin Valley Rally is held annually, one weekend in late September. For 2010 the dates were September 17, 18, and 19. The Rally opens at noon on Friday and runs through about noonish on Sunday. See the rally page (under categories) or visit the forums to see pics from the 2010 event.

Regular Breakfast Meetings

TVR Regular Breakfast Meetings are held every weekend as follows:

  • First Sunday, Greenwood Restaurant on Rt. 11 five miles north of Troutville
  • Second Saturday, Famous Anthony’s on Crystal Springs Blvd in Roanoke
  • Third Saturday, Swinging Bridge Restaurant in Paint Bank
  • Fourth Sunday on even months, Hale’s Restaurant on Rt. 11 in Shawsville
  • Fourth Sunday on odd months, Tuggles Gap Restaurant on Rt. 8 at the Parkway

We begin to gather at 9:00am and sit down to eat at 9:30am. The schedule may occasionally change to accommodate rides or events, so check the calendar and forum for the latest information.

Calendars are not entirely cooperative. It’s not unusual for there to be a 5th Saturday and/or Sunday in a month, or a 3rd Saturday followed by a 4th Sunday. On weekends with a 5th Saturday followed by a 1st Sunday, we do the 1st Sunday. On weekends with a 5th Sunday we’ll do something ad hoc, so check the forum. Weekends with a 3rd Saturday followed by a 4th Sunday are so damn confusing that nobody has ever figured out how to deal with it, so we either do the 3rd Saturday, and push Sunday off to the following weekend which takes care of the 5th Sunday––or just ride both days and the following Sunday as well. If this sounds confusing, check the forum to confirm that everyone else is just as confused as you are, which may be some consolation.

Maps and directions to the breakfast locations are here.

Malt Therapy

Once a month we gather at a local watering hole for a Malt Therapy session. It’s usually on the Thursday evening between the 2nd Saturday and 3rd Saturday breakfasts. The location rotates between Roanoke River Valley, New River Valley, and occasionally the greater Floyd County Metro Area, with little or no regularity. If you want to help decide where to take our therapy next month, you’ll need to be in therapy this month.

Special Events and Organized Activities

Twin Valley Rally is held the third weekend in September at Willville Motorcycle Camp in Meadows of Dan, Va.

Members sometimes organize rides or special events in addition to the regular meetings. These include the annual pot-luck dinner, Seneca Rocks and Willville camping events. If you have an idea for a ride or tech session – lovely. Post on the forum and it can be added to the calendar.

The unofficial TVR FAQ

Perhaps the most frequently asked question prospective members ask about is, “do y’all have organized rides?”

The short answer is… well, define organized. Rides are typically conceived around a breakfast table or during the tire-kickin’ in the parking lot. If you show up to eat breakfast you will almost surely have an opportunity to go for a spirited ride with a bunch of friendly folks, but you probably won’t know where until a few minutes before you leave. Now if you mean, do we have some formal process by which we designate routes in advance, assign it an official name, set up checkpoints or distribute playing cards along the way, or assemble dozens of chrome-laden, eight-hundred-pound machines into a parade with a local constable at the pole, well… not so much. Under the unofficial we’ll try anything once policy, we have dabbled in stuff that might be construed as organized, and who’s to say it won’t ever happen again, but this is not something we aspire to in conjunction with our bacon, eggs and caffeinated beverages. Smaller groups get together spontaneously, and with an amazing degree of regularity. So you could say, we rides. As to whether it could be considered organized, if you’re of the persuasion that might be seriously concerned about that… then probably not.

Check the forum and calendar for dates and locations of upcoming events.